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Dog grooming is an occupation which requires artistry, scissoring technique, knowledge of health problems and their effect on skin and coat, as well as behavioral knowledge and skill handling animals. Staff members have chosen to participate in advanced education in these fields. Each staff member is a Certified Animal Hygienist (CAH). All of our groomers are Certified Master Groomers (CMG), Certified Groomers (CG) or are currently pursuing these credentials. The staff regularly attend seminars on animal health and behavior as well as dog shows, grooming seminars and contests - always striving for a balance between artistic vision and practicality.

Nancy Han, owner and National Certified Master Groomer, always felt that an appropriate working place is important to peace in the soul and necessary to the creation of art. She had always dreamed of having a facility ideal for her work. Her dreams finally came true in 1996 when Nancy moved into new quarters, designed to accommodate her expanded clientele and staff.

The Shop
As part of her effort to build respect for the grooming profession, Nancy feels that groomers need to educate their customers as to what groomers do. She has encouraged pet owners to spend time in the shop to see what goes on. A large plate glass window in the reception area allows customers to observe the grooming process and how the animals are handled.

The spacious Professional Grooming area features numerous windows to provide natural light and a feeling of airiness. Mirrors are placed strategically so that groomers can check all angles of a groom. Tubs are plentiful and a large outdoor exercise area is provided for the dogs, many of whom spend an entire day at the shop. There is room to move dogs so that the effect of movement on the groom can be considered. Nancy employs and supervises a full time bather, a receptionist, several groomers, as well as a part-time groomer who specializes in hand-stripping hard-coated terriers. She has built a cohesive team who support one another in a continuing quest for knowledge, sharing ideas and talents.

Education & the Sharing of Knowledge
The new facility includes space for teaching the continual flow of visiting groomers who come to study with Nancy. Some groomers travel long distances on a weekly basis in order to perfect their technique under Nancy’s instruction. An excellent teacher, Nancy enjoys sharing her knowledge with her staff and students, and stresses the importance of hands-on experience with variety of dogs.  She may focus on Bichon Frises, Poodles, Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers and Kerry Blue Terriers for scissoring techniques.   The Wheaten and Kerry are also useful in learning the general terrier structure.  For hand-stripping, she uses a variety of both long legged and short legged terriers. Lest they be forgotten, Nancy emphasizes personality grooms on mixed breed dogs resulting in a blend of the groomers artistic ability with the owner’s  image of the dog.  Her love of teaching is exhibited when she shares the excitement of her students as they attain each new goal.

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